This is going to be an expansion of my previous post. As some of you might know, my name is Nelson Camacho, I am a Scorpio(10/30). I am currently a Computer Science student in the Universidad Del Sagrado Corazón. You might be asking, of all things why Comp Sci???. Well that is a question with many answers. Originally I wanted to be the Alan Turing of the 21st century(egotistical, I know), but as time passed I saw myself with a goal, utilize the technology available and use it as a tool in the aid of people in general, Astro Teller style.

Banksy – “What Are You Looking At”

More on the personal side, I am a HUGE fan of modern/punk art, specially when it comes to artists like Banksy, where they use the most basic tools to create the most beautiful and meaningful art. The same can be said with my music taste, punk rock is my bread and butter, currently my overall favorite song is MGK’s Drunk Face. The only thing that differs is my movie taste, like many I am a comic-book movie fan, but when movies are being ranked up, I have a deep romantic tragedy/romcom taste, such as JoJo-Rabbit.

As a wrap up comment, I would like to add that much like art. I am a big military history fanatic, specially when Napoleon Bonaparte is the topic at hand. Why Napoleon? to put it in simple words, Napoleon was in my mind, a once in a millennia type of man. He had unfathomable ambition, to the levels that in comparison not a single person has been able to even grasp. He was set on the creation of a strong leadership, and the importance of respect and honor of his followers. Qualities that are severely lacking in todays day and age.

For now, that should be all. But please, if you want to talk more about anything you find interesting. Just let me know.

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