GIFs for my Top Movies

Hello everyone! Today I’m going we’re going to talk about some of the movies that I recently had a chance and, in one occasion, re-watch. For this particular job, the focus on practicing the creation of GIFs, so we will accompany some of our movie talk with GIFs. Nope To start things off, let’s talk […]

Instagram Recommendations

Helloooo theeereeeee! I’ll be sharing with you guys some Instagram profiles i recommend checking out if you’re into music, skateboarding, tech and videogames. Skateboarding I’m starting this off with pro skater Steven Piñeiro, who is of Puertorican descent. In 2021, he participated in the skateboarding debut in Tokyo 2021 Olympics, ending up in 6th place, […]

Creating Gifs

Hello everyone, I hope you all are having a wonderful time! Today I’ll be showing you a few gifs I made with Giphy! But what does someone choose to make gifs about? So many options… But for this assignment, we had to choose 2 of our favorite movies, so for that reason, I chose Spider-Man […]


Hello friends today I’m here to share some Instagram accounts that i enjoy quite a lot, hopefully you will too! as you can probably imagine most of these accounts will be heavily ocean themed! the first account i will talk about is @Ocean.destinations! This account specializes in sharing beautiful ocean seascapes brimming with life. Our […]

Creando Gif’s!

En esta tarea decidí crear gif’s de dos de mis películas favoritas no solo enseñando su esencia si no que también muestro mis partes favoritas de cada una. Espero que disfruten los gifs tanto como yo. The Avengers (2012) Esta escena de la película The Avengers captura exactamente la esencia de este film pues fue […]

Favorite Films/Series

During class we were tasked with sharing our favorite films/series with all of you. It could be any film/series we wanted, though the catch was we would share personal gifs we created to demonstrate them. So here are two of my picks—one film, one series. The Emperor’s New Groove The Emperor’s New Groove is one […]

AI Image generation – A knight’s Tale

Is anyone else impressed, excited and also kinda scared because of AI? I am! I’ve been tasked on creating a story using AI generated images, so here goes my attempt at making an attractive one with Microsoft’s Copilot! Let’s start with the general story: Once upon a time, in medieval England, there lived an extraordinary […]


Quiero compartir con ustedes dos películas que son básicas pero que significan mucho para mí. Son esas películas que me llenan de risa y me reconfortan en los momentos difíciles. Para darles un vistazo a su esencia, he seleccionado dos GIFs animados para cada película. Estos GIFs mostrarán momentos que considero particularmente interesantes o que […]

Resident Evil 4 Remake

So the other day I played Resident Evil 4 Remake. Resident Evil 4 Remake is the continuation of a recent trend in not only the Resident Evil series, but gaming as a whole—Revisiting old games. Remakes as a concept aren’t new and they can be dated back all the way to 1993 when Nintendo popularized […]

Questions all around

Hello friends i hope you are all well! this week our CMU260 class was challenged to record and interview, and I’ve chosen my good friend Angel! (you should all check out his blog by clicking on his name!) we spoke of a personal study related to oceanic pollution and shared opinions on the lovely puertorrican […]


Hello friends i hope all is well! Today i am here to talk about the best movie studio to have ever existed: Studio Ghibli!! To be fully honest in my 20 years of life I’ve seen only about 10 movies, and 8 of them are studio Ghibli, so this assignment was a bit more than […]