The People Of Sagrado (final 2)

Para el Proyecto Final: Parte 2, pudimos analizar los datos obtenidos en las entrevistas y organizarlos en un spreadsheet utilizando la plataforma llamada Flourish. Esta plataforma nos ayudo a poder crear gráficas y visualizar los datos obtenidos en las entrevistas.  Puntos de datos finales encontrados: Aquí la entrevista realizada sobre el uso de medios digitales:

The people of Sagrado

Hello dear readers, I have brought to you today a collab interview video showing the different POVs of some of Sagrado’s students in regard to modern social development and smartphones. It was a truly unique experience and I hope to bring more content of this type soon. As you might have seen, this was a […]

tarea#2 Interview

Hello guys, today I have brought you an exciting interview for a new series I have started, a podcast. The future of this podcast looks bright so please subscribe. Featured Song: Artist – The Wanderer Song – Coldness

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My name is Nelson and I’m about to rock you with my digital story telling skills, all learned in CMU 260 in Sagrado Corazon. im a part-time student part-time anarchist; with a strong love of dogs and street art(Banksy). My greatest goal in life is finding a lost pirate ship. (editado el 30 de enero […]