Hello!! I’m Sameily, I’m 20, from Caguas and I’m currently attending Digital Storytelling @ Sagrado Corazón.

Photo by Universidad del Sagrado Corazón official website.

When I was growing up, being successful was constantly demanded by my parents. Wether it was at school or at home, there was always pressure to do things perfectly. At 17, not knowing what I wanted to pursue, I rushed into a major only considering the title, pay and my parents satisfaction. At the time, I thought I had made the right choice. Then the pandemic hit, I couldn’t leave my house and I struggled with online classes. My difficulty with learning reached a level in which my mental health was greatly affected. This is when I decided that I had to put myself first. No major or anyones approval was worth sacrificing my health for. I started taking things at a slower pace, this enabled me to organize myself and have a better idea of what I wanted to pursue.

During the pandemic, when people couldn’t leave their homes, technology allowed us to communicate and be able to keep going forward. Things such as social media platforms allowed us to stay connected. This is when I realized how interested I was in technology and its advances. Its helped me in many ways, and I decided I wanted to keep learning more about it. The idea of being able to have the ability to create and communicate, fascinated me. On my second year of college, I transferred. Now I’m majoring in Computer Science. Being able to pursue something I’m passionate about has completely changed my life.

My dream job is web design and being able to work with a non-profit organization that helps and contributes to the progress of minorities. Here’s a project I’ve been working on!!

I enjoy new experiences and going to beaches, rivers, or any other place where nature is prevalent.

I also enjoy photography and editing!!!

Thank you for reading!!

Edited on February 8, 2023.

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