Entrevista a Juan Colon

Saludos, hoy les presento un proyecto que estuve haciendo. Es una entrevista a un compañero del curso de CMU 260, llamado Juan Colon. En esta entrevista Juan me da su opinion sobre las clases online y su experiencia con estas clases y en la pandemia. Con esto añado que para mi la pandemia fue un […]

An interview with: Cecilia Bolivar

Hello noodles, on February 28, 2023 I interviewed had the privilege to interview Cecilia Bolivar on her experiences navigating through life while being affected by the pandemic, the lockdown, online classes, as well as changing universities during this era. I felt she had some interesting insights about how she passed time during those moments and how it […]

Interviewing Robin Bustelo…

On February 28, 2023 I interviewed Robin Bustelo on his experiences with the pandemic, the lockdown, and online classes. I felt he had some interesting things to say about how he passed his time during those moments and how it affected him and his everyday life. I leave the link to the soundcloud interview for […]

tarea#2 Interview

Hello guys, today I have brought you an exciting interview for a new series I have started, a podcast. The future of this podcast looks bright so please subscribe. Featured Song: Artist – The Wanderer Song – Coldness https://freemusicarchive.org/music/stranger/seven-elements/coldness/