For this post/assignment, we are tasked with making GIf’s of our favorite movies. We investigate the image format through the use of Giphy to explore the world of animated GIFs.

Movie 1: John Wick 3

The first movie scene that I decided to make a GIF on was the movie «John Wick 3» one of my favorite action movies in recent memory. The reason I choose this scene is for its creative use of ambiance as a problem-solving device in this action scene. Our titular character and his enemies run out of bullets to use to shoot each other with and resort to breaking the glass on the various knife displays around them to use as weapons. The director of this movie is Chad Stahelski, and the main character is Keanu Reeves. This movie was released on May 17, 2019.

In this scene we see a clip of the stable scene where John is cornered by his enemies in a horse stable and he now has to use the horses and his surroundings to his advantage.

This clip shows the end of the library fight scene where John is confronted by a giant named Ernest played by Boban Marjanovic. Here John has no weapons but a hardcover book and as you can see John uses it as his advantage.

This clip is of the final fight scene with John’s alleged #1 fan Zero played by Mark Dacascos, this clip itself perfectly portrays his nickname «Baba Yaga»(Boogeyman.)

Movie 2: Bourne Identity

The next movie scene that i decided to make a gif on was the movie «Bourne Identity». In this scene wwe see our main character resting on a bench at night in a foreign area when he is confronted by 2 policemen asking for his identification which he does not have. Jason Bourne our main character then resorts to his martial arts ability that he is not aware he possesses to escape the situation. The director of this movie is Doug Liman, and the main character is Matt Damon. This movie was released on June 6, 2002 

this second GIF shows the ending of the first assassin encounter Jason has during the movie, here Jason has bested the enemy with a pen and found some pictures of him & his companion Marie played by Franka Potente, after the enemy resorts to jumping out the window to get his escape.