First part:

This cat is wearing a hawaiian shirt with heart shaped sunglasses.
In this post we see how this cat is wearing a hoodie.
A hairless cat with a grey hoodie!
This cat is wearing four different outfits, a blue hoodie, a striped hoodie, a camo shirt and a santa outfit!
This cat is a perfect princess wearing a dress and some jewelry.
Hes ready for bed in his pjs!
These cats are wearing cute dresses.
Sweater weather with a blue sweater!!
What a handsome frat boy!
This cat is giving hipster vibes with his knitted set!

Second part:

One is dressed with a shirt and hat and the other is wearing a dress.

Hes dressed with a jean jacket, a hat and some heart shaped sun glasses.

Look at that, a starbucks barista!


Heres one with mickey ears!!!

Knited matching outfits rock!

Almost didnt see them because their wearing camouflage shirts!

Nice scarf Misty, looking beautiful!

Like a princess wearing a ball dress!

Ghost buster shirt, awesome!