Hello I’m Robin(John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt), I’m currently attending Digital Storytelling course in Sagrado Corazón.

Original I stated that I like noodles and grating cheese, but this was ploy for a intentionally humoristic red herring.

So allow me to formally introduce myself, my name is Robin Bustelo, not John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt(his name is not my name too). At the time of writing, currently, I’m a Computer Science student at «Universidad de Sagrado Corazón», furthermore I’m working on a minor in 3D Animation and in Business Administration.

I consider myself an inquisitive and creative young buck with very little artistic ability, most of my creativity lies in my thought process not my brush strokes. My favorite place to be is in nature camping in the woods or curled up indoors in a blanket with the air conditioning on blast. Honestly I’m an adaptable and dynamic person, which includes my personality, my classic spontaneity, my lexicon among other elements of myself and life.

Although there are some aspects about myself that are fixed, which are: my compassion for people, my love for Ramen and Corndogs, my loyalty towards my friends, my goal to provide and protect those I love, my love for water and tea, a traditional RPG, and of course my cat «Gibby» (A.K.A. my child/ my sun/ the light of my life/ Kimpa/ Gibbert/ Sire/ Mi Rey/ Gumbo/ Quesito/ Gibberiouzo/ flumpa).

Yes I Really love my cat.

Yes, that seems to be an introduction. Following this post will be a supplementary post on Gibby.