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  • BossLogic (@bosslogic)

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Description: Kode, also known as Boss Logic, is a graphic designer and digital artist. He uploads the same content throughout all of his social media platforms, which I highly recommend due to the amazing quality and effort he puts into his artistic work.

  • Satisfied Stomach (@satisfiedstomach)

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Description: This Instagram page focuses on providing different food content, which I strongly recommend if you would like to learn about new dishes or discover where to adquiere them.

  • 9GAG (@9gag)

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Description: In 9gag’s Instagram page, you will find almost any type of entertaining pictures and videos. This is a page I highly recommend if you would like to include any sort of entertainment content on your feed.

  • TAIS (@recicloponía)

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Description: TAIS is a local group that offers homemade composting services with the goal of pursuing a more sustainable Puerto Rico. Additionally, TAIS posts regular content that informs its followers about threats, updates, events and educational information regarding Earth’s current climate and environment status.

  • House of Highlights (@houseofhighlights)

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Description: House of Highlights posts a variety of posts regarding many sports updates, events and performances. I highly recommend this page if you consider yourself a sports fan.


  • ESPN


Description: ESPN is a mayor sports news outlet and streaming platform. Here you can find live game coverages, news and events. They also have various social media platforms which regularly repost the same content you can find in their website alongside new content. I personally consider this to be the best sports coverage site out there.

  • El Nuevo Día


Description: El Nuevo Día is a local newspaper outlet that provides up-to-date news about Puerto Rico’s economic, social and political conditions. It additionally covers impactful international news that help me stay in touch with what’s happening in my country and the world. I encourage this website to all puertoricans that wish to stay updated with local news.

  • Dexerto


Description: Dexerto is a website dedicated to cover the latest gaming releases, events and news. If you’re a person that is part of the gaming community, I highly recommend this site in order to stay in touch with news regarding your favorite games.

  • Forbes


Description: Forbes is a digital magazine that covers a wide variety of topics including: lifestyles, fashion, gaming, politics and much more. I personally recommend this site for its miscellaneous content and the variety you can find within it.

  • Twitter


Description: Although Twitter is a social media platform, it still contains a wide amount of information and opportunities for you to stay up to date. Starting with the Trending Tab, you’re able to keep up with the latest news, which are established based on your preferences and following. I highly recommend Twitter if you wish to navigate a platform that allows you to read the latest news and comment/share it in an almost immediate manner.

Cesar Seguinot Carrasquillo