Now that the semester is coming to an end I have the chance to share a little more, and not like the presentation done in August, and posted only now soon, the poor sitting for all this time in the Drafts sections of the Skate.

This is a short list of some chance encounters of the kind I really enjoy. They are by-products of some search around cinema, Tarantino and his love for Sergio Leone.

First I found this gem.

You’re all going to die. From Inglorious basterds. Isn’t it gorgeous that she appears in a film in a movie theater, only to tell her doom message to the very audience? It reminds Buñuel’s surreal shooter from the roof, who shoots at random people on the street. Only difference is she is predicating a vengeance, here. She is the wonderful Mélanie Laurent.

I rest my case. But, here’s another gem from Léon, the professional of Luc Besson, another cinephile I love (at least in his first attempts). I found this GIF while researching images of spectators watching movies in cinemas. He is Jean Reno, but let’s not forget the very young Natalie Portman nor the mythical Gary Oldman. What has this to do with QT? I don’t know, except they both appeared serendipitously, Internet-style.

Then, a nice interview of QT on Leone. It boils down to his professed love for The Good, the bad and the ugly as the best film ever produced, because (note the rigorous logic here) well, it is the best movie ever done.

I could add here the list of details QT has cared for when shooting his last film Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, another homage to Leone and Sergio Corbucci, and of course, just in time, to Morricone. From Manson’s song to the movie theater that he bought in LA:

As long as I’m alive, and as long as I’m rich, the New Beverly will be there, showing double features in 35mm.
(From Wikipedia)

Unfortunately, the New Beverly is now closed, due to the pandemic. But I loved that movie.

Antonio Vantaggiato