Well, it’s a new year. I’ve been watching a few Woody Allen films, lately (on the home screen), and I shot photos at some frames worth remembering. Thanks to subtitles, I got a scene’s context and dialog.

I thought these two sequences were perfect as a new year’s best wishes. Both are from his movie “Manhattan” from 1979, which I enjoyed again very much, albeit perhaps a little less that when I watched it for the first few times. Yes, I’ve seen it a few times, which is a rare thing, in that I usually don’t read things twice nor watch films twice–except a few.

The black-and-white quality of the photography, the opening and closing with Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue, the Hemingway girl, a splendid Meryl Streep and a spectacular Diane Keaton give this film a unique feel.

BTW, I also watched the wonderful Interiors, for the first time, and I loved it. In fact, some scenes (particularly the sisters watching out of the window) seem to correlate with the beautiful Greta Gerwig’s Little Women of today.

Anyhow, the two sequences are self-explanatory, and come without comment.

From “Manhattan” 1979
Happy 2020, explaining stuff!!

And here comes the second sequence. This time, it’s the silhouettes of Woody and Diane Keaton in the Natural Sciences Museum.

From “Manhattan”, 1979.

And with this deep truth I leave you, reader. Happy 2020 to all.

Antonio Vantaggiato