Springtime in Saskatchewan, Flickr photo by Alan Levine, published in the Public Domain.

I have been working pretty hard these weeks on my classes. Almost all feature a syndication hub built within a WordPress-based  Web portal. I’m talking inf103.com (Computing fundamentals) and inf115.com (New Media and social networks) [both in Spanish]. Plus I’m doing a Web Content Management course where, you guessed it, my students opted to create accounts with our friendly reclaimers at Reclaim Hosting and start building web portals quickly. By the way, the constant thinking on those courses has me by the jugular and I loose appetite about blogging… but here I am.

Now, sooner or later a number of questions and issues come to mind. Lately, I have forced me to put down such questions of paper (in a list, of course). I love lists (Umberto Eco said lists protect us from death.) Whom am I going to pose such questions to?

Well, a certain friend who’s been living in the northern lands has the habit of conversing with me periodically and record such mundane exchanges through the podcast technology. Now, he even set up our own podcast to have its own Puerto Rico Connection casa and its presence in the iTunes store. Problem is, I am lazy and haven’t even talked about setting up a date for our next episode (the latest being from January).

So, dear Alan, shall we? Fact is that I still have a problem with the comments here, and haven’t worked it out yet, so you won’t be probably able to respond here. But nevertheless, I have a series of questions that claim a conversation. And, like you say, we have this podcast as an excuse to talk together.

The questions I’d like to discuss, on or off the air, are–and here cometh a full-fledged numbered list:

  1. Should we increase a bit the frequency of our episodes? And stick to the famed, no-rational-given 20-minute rule?
  2. Would you do a little presentation of SPLOTs for my inf115 class?
  3. We just begun the Una foto cada día fest. Want to participate?
  4. Want to talk regarding the class’s official Instagram account being wiped out because it didn’t follow regulations?
  5. I am eager to read on occasion Medium publications and articles. Is it worth the price? I mean, if we go on this way, navigating the Web will resemble supermarket browsing.

This questions are meant to be pondered about, no matter how naive they may be, by me and my aliases and friends. Who dares?

[Featured image: Springtime in Saskatchewan, Flickr photo by Alan Levine, published in the Public Domain.]

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Antonio Vantaggiato