After the hurricane stroke, when we resumed classes in mid October, I decided I would shoot a photo to each student from my inf103 and inf115 classes–that is, to all students who would come one specific day to class. I used a long-abandoned, recently found Nikon camera which I didn’t really know how to use properly. I’m not new to photography, but I had only used analog reflex cameras before the small digital cameras of today. I got this professional digital camera with a great 55-300mm lens–I love the 300mm for portraits– and I asked students if they agreed to be photographed in closeups portrait mode. And almost all agreed. They agreed also to let me publish the photos, so those you see down here are only the ones which I got a student consent for.

I used the Awesome Flickr Gallery plugin for WordPress, since it allows for parameters to be set with no hindrance. I uploaded, tagged and titled the photos in a new set on Flickr and created a gallery with the AFG plugin. Here is the result of that work. Few images have been edited, but I think all students came out pretty nice. If you click on one image a pop-up opens with the full photo and you can navigate the gallery with swipes or clicks.

These are in a sense some heroic students who decided to overcome the many obstacles the hurricane imposed upon them and come to class. This is what I wanted to celebrate with this set. Thanks to them all for allowing me to do this.

And Good New Year to All!

The Class of María

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Antonio Vantaggiato