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clip-miseriaNoblita[Totò in Miseria e nobiltà, 1954]

It’s a new semester, and I began anew my teaching activity. With pride and mostly with a high joy that comes from the attitudes, smiles and interest from my students.

A new course I’ve been working on of late is the new Italian Cinema and Culture (, a trip (yeah) in this fantastic territory of the Italian peninsula and its regions as seen through the lenses of its cinema. We’ll explore titles from just after WWII and jump to Naples’ mafia wars; we’ll go from Rossellini and Antonioni to the Giallo of Mario Bava and Dario Argento. And more. But that’s it for today, because today we watched The Great Beauty, the extraordinary film from Paolo Sorrentino (2013). Yes, the same Sorrentino of The Young Pope that aired on HBO.

Students appreciated it. Next Wednesday (Monday is Veteran’s Day here) we’ll host an in-class video critique and dialogue on the movie.

Here’s the semester-full gallery of movies we’ll hopefully watch: Programma.

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