Here’s the last batch of postcards we received for #care4sagrado. Again, thanks are in order! However, I decided to take a lazy attitude during the Thanksgiving weekend and I did mostly only the cooking and the reading.

Here we go, then. This is from Kevin @dogtrax (Massachusetts).

C5-fronte C5

This one was sent by Ron @Ronald_2008 in the Netherlands via the helpful hand of Alan @cogdog. Actually, we’d received his card earlier directly from Holland.



Third comes @cogdog Alan’s own!! And it gives us the dream trip of Route 66! We commented the Route in class, and practically all students knew it and could cite movies on it.

C8-fronteC8Thank you, Alan! It’s worth mentioning that Alan was the instigator of all this #care4sagrado campaign and the very first mailer.

Fourth, from Guernsey (England) we have a computer-produced card by Little Colin @gifadog, and its human owner Mariana @mdfunes!



Thanks to both the human and the doggish identity!

Last but obviously not least is @joefromkenyon Joe Murphy’s from Kenyon College (Ohio). Thanks from the students, Joe!



And this is it for today. Well, actually, that’s not it, since we received a lot of postcards from students of one dear professor in one college… but that’s for the next post(card).

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Antonio Vantaggiato