So, I found myself blocked from Dave Winer’s Twitter. This means I cannot see his tweets while I’m logged into Twitter as myself. As soon I logout, though, I can get to his timeline. Weird, I know. Dave is one of the very first bloggers, and I still like to read his blog Scripting News.

First, I do not know what I have done to deserve this. I wasn’t given any explanation, nor warning–at least that I know of. But there I am, in the accused box, without trial and accusation. Mind you, not that I believe I ever did anything against him.

Screenshot from my intent to access Winer's Twitter feed.

Screenshot from my intent to access Winer’s Twitter feed.

Well, it happened while I was reading a sour post of his–which I agree with– on why he does not link stuff to Facebook. The post is Why I can’t/won’t point to Facebook blog posts:

It’s supporting their downgrading and killing the web. Your post sucks because it doesn’t contain links, styling, and you can’t enclose a podcast if you want. The more people post there, the more the web dies.

So, I wanted to write a post like this and quote him fully with his Tweeter handle. Voilá, I discovered the thing.

I don’t know, I think it’s a bit rude. And I leave it at that, in the hope that… what, do I believe there is a way out? I tried to interview him once. Is this the outcome?

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Antonio Vantaggiato