flickr photo by GabboT shared under a Creative Commons (BY-SA) license

Yes, I had to do two animated GIFs from Once Upon a Time in the West, for inf115. Mr. Alan Levine himself showed how to do that.

Bu wait, I have the right to dissent (not that I don’t love that movie). I just came across a wonderful clip from the TV series Ally McBeal, which I never watched. The clip is a birthday in which the gift is the presence of Barry White who sings one of his hits, and then everybody dances. What’s that, late 80’s?
The fact is I found that irresistible, so here are my couple of cents or GIFs from it. Done through Giphy, and greatly enjoyed doing them.



And here is the clip, with Mr. White himself. I snobbed him in the 70’s and 80’s, and now I find him extremely enjoyable.

But this is not enough. Since I’m not doing the original assignment for INF115, and since Alan and Bernabé and I were watching a fantastic clip of Peter Seller’s Clouseau today, I had to do a GIF from the scene where the famous Inspector bangs himself on the head with a vase which holds his hand inside… And voilá, another GIF is born! Enjoy.

Antonio Vantaggiato