I found an old comics magazine recently, that I had stacked from en earlier life. My younger self, in the fabulous 70’s, had bought this Linus magazine with Lucy shouting “I Am Mine!”

January 1974

Linus, January 1974

Of course this became to be the feminist slogan of that age, and I loved it. Now I searched through the Web and could not find the original English -if one ever existed. Many comics originally from the US (like Mickey) had some stories developed and published independently under a special license in Italy. Thus, this may be one such case. No matter what, that was 1974, ladies and gents, I was 15 and I loved the Peanuts and the crazy comics they published in Linus. A wonderful magazine, where I discovered Valentina, Corto Maltese, BC, and many more.

I hope our students, too, take this as their own motto: to be of one’s own.

Antonio Vantaggiato