My reflection of the day, from Woody Allen.

Emma Stone and Woody Allen. Photograph: TRISTAN FEWINGS / POOL/EPA

We’re all gonna wind up in a very bad position one day sooner or later. The only way to deal with it as an artist is to try to come up with something to explain to people why life is worth living. You can’t really do that without conning them because in the end it has no meaning. Everything you create or do is going to vanish. The sun is burning out and the universe will be gone. Everything that Shakespeare or Beethoven created will all be gone no matter how much we cherish it. So it’s very hard to sell people a bill of goods that there’s any good to this.

Movie-making is like giving inmates in an institution basket-weaving. It keeps you occupied.

Quotes reported from a Guardian interview while Woody Allen presented his last movie (Irrational Man) at Cannes Film Festival.

Antonio Vantaggiato