Should We All Take a Bit of Lithium? (Anna Fels, 13 Sept. 2014). This is the title of a recent article from The New York Times that got my attention. The author’s thesis, in a few words, is that lithium is one factor responsible for lesser dementia and low suicide rates.

[…] people with higher levels of lithium in their water supply had lower levels of “all-cause mortality”.

Thus, it seems that chemistry –and not just psychology– may be responsible for some (or much) of our regular behavior. Interesting, very intriguing. I mean, of course chemistry modifies our behavior. Drugs do that. But usually we’re brought to believe that somehow, the problems in our behavior are our mind’s doing, and that we have some control over them. Or, do we?

Now see this fantastic ad from a time long lost… how more politically incorrect can media be?

Ad from (Lithiated) Seven-Up

From “True or False? Seven-Up Contained Lithium Until 1950″ The Northern Star online, March 28, 2011.


Antonio Vantaggiato