Some small reflections.

My friend Jim Groom is a blogger. First and foremost, before being an edtech guy, before A Domain of One’s Own, before the Syndication Bus, before Edupunk, he is one who loves to blog. And blog he does, all the time: with hios courses, with his cinema passions (now he’s all into Italian police movies of the 70′s), with his education & technology passions. He’s there. He tweets too, a lot. But he’s still there blogging.

Blogging Heroes

Blogging Heroes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On the other hand, what happened to me? I used to blog with a certain regularity. 694 posts since 2004. That’s not much, but it’s something. Then Twitter, sort of disturbed me, and I found much easir to tweet than to blog. Thoughts came simpler, if they were thoughts at all. My laziness was happy before the obvious time I was “saving” from writing.

Still, I miss it. And I do use blogs a lot in my courses. And they have their own identity!

See my course, Computing Fundamentals, inf103, Last semester I got students who made a fortune in terms of popularity and the nice blogging they set up. We got a nice portal, built entirely with WordPress, and I am proud of it. Posts from last semester are still there, and so are those from earlier. So it goes with New Digital Media, inf115,

So I am coming back to blogging, and I do hope these aren’t just words. My friend Mario Núñez once said that blogging was like having therapy, for free. Long live blogging and long(ish)-form expression!

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