A couple days ago I ate a delicious lunch at Departamento de la Comida (Department of Food!). This is an eco-business built by Tara Rodríguez who bridges the new Web technologies with her love for the land and its most genuine products. IMG_3086 IMG_3087Through the website one can order a produce box to be delivered weekly home. She can thus aggregate the best products from local farmers and distribute them very efficiently throughout the San Juan metro area.

Tara gave a great talk at TEDxSanJuan on 2011 (Food is my social network), and I got a chance to meet her, at last, and enjoy also her cuisine. The place is simple with lots of light. People are so gentle and prices quite affordable for the good food one can have. For instance, I got a quinoa with pesto that was outstanding. Good work!!

The Washington Post wrote a small piece -albeit provincial and prejudiced- on her and other new kind of restaurants: Puerto Rican Food, beyond rice and beans (reader beware: strong biased language!), but she is writing her own article on the same paper. Buon appetito!

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Antonio Vantaggiato